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808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal MachineHR-Black p

808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal MachineHR-Black p
808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal MachineHR-Black p
808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal MachineHR-Black p
808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal MachineHR-Black p
808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal MachineHR-Black p

808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal MachineHR-Black p    808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal MachineHR-Black p

808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine, Freezing, Painless. Surprise Price and Amazing Product. 808 Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine, Freezing, Painless.

(Can design your interface, language translation). 1 We are professional laser diode manufacture with 10 years experience. 2 We are one of the few can encapsulate a variety of laser chip manufacture. 3 We provide OEM & ODM solutions from laser diodes to full system.

1 808nm Laser Hair Removal Machine is made and designed by ourself, including handpiece, power control panel, screen and water cooling system. 2 808nm laser hair removal has three main advantage:Freezing, Painless, Permanent hair removal. 3 We can change the interface, the company logo and language according to your requirements. We are able to provide varieties of interface. Do not power up the system before you checked this manual!

So the user needs to add water the first time when they receive the machine. Please take following steps to start the hair removal system. Put the machine and handle piece in the right place for setup. Open the back panel by releasing the 8 screws with screw driver. Check following photo and you will find the tube which is shorted from bottom to the top of the water tank.

Release the tube from the connector. Find a hard tube in the package accessories (outer diameter 8mm) and connect it to the top connector of the water tank. Use the plastic funnel to add water into the tank till the water level is close to 1cm to the top roof of the tank. If the water tank is not fully filled, there may be [ERROR 6] alarm when you start the machine.

The water can be regular purified water, or clean tap water without particles >0.1mm diameter. You may need 34 liters of water. The water doesnt need to be changed within at least 6 months if there is no alarm [ERROR 6]. This alarm is designed with water level sensor. It means the water is not enough.

By the way, do not over-filled the water, or there may be some water leakage. Install the back panel with 8 screws. Check the handle piece if it is in good conditions. And also check the protection tube of the handle piece.

Make sure it is not terribly bended or pressed. If the tube is terribly bended, this may cause water jam or not-enough water flow. This is not good for the laser cooling and may cause problem.

Please confirm if your wall-plug is 200-240VAC. Find a 10A 220-250V VAC plug wire (you may need an European Model for the wire), connect to the back panel. Turn on the air switch at the back panel. Check if the emergency button is pressed down.

If pressed down, please release it. Or there will be [ERROR 2]. Use the key to start the system and you will enter the blue start page of the system.

After several seconds, you will enter the main display as follows. When you enter this software display, you can follow the OPERATION manual to start the treatment. For any emergency situation, please press the emergency button (Red Mushroom) to shut down the laser immediately. After treatment if you want to turn off the system, you can use the key to shut it down directly.

And turn off the air switch at the back panel. You can remove the VAC plug if necessary. Please check with the LCD display. There are totally 6 parameters to be set, including: Laser Power, Pulse Width, Repetition Rate, Skin Cooling Level, Target Energy and Current Energy.

Shows the peak power of the laser. High laser power means higher pulse energy fluence. For light skin, such as white people and light color Asian people, laser power can be adjusted higher for a better performance. Laser Power can be variable from 5%100%. The step width is 5%.

The typical Laser Power for color II skin is 70%80%. Shows the length of each laser pulse. A longer pulse width leads to higher pulse energy fluence. Pulse Width can be variable from 5ms400ms.

The step width is 5ms at. Shows the pulses per second of the laser.

A higher repetition rate leads to higher pulse energy fluence. The Repetition Rate can be variable from 1Hz20Hz with a step width of 1Hz. For scanning operation, the most popular repetition rate is 615Hz. At the top-right of the LCD screen shows the laser energy density on the skin. This energy changes according to the 3 parameters of.

Shows cooling efficiency of the Sapphire Window and Aluminum Tip of the handle piece. The green block is longer, the cooling is better. It depends on the feeling of the patents. The cooling will be switched off if the green block is all removed.

Usually the cooling level is set at 100% level. Is an energy counter for each treatment. The laser energy will be counted till the. This is a tool for the treatment to remember how many Joules have been treated on the patient. The middle-left of the LCD is the.

Which shows how many shots have been done for this handle piece. This is calculated as 40J per shot, no matter how many pulses. The bottom-left of the LCD screen shows the system status. There are totally 5 status.

This means you are setting parameters. Any interruption to adjust the parameter during.

Status will change the status to. When parameters have been set, press READY button on the bottom-right of the LCD, after 3 seconds, the system will enter. In this status, the pump and fans are working and the laser is ready to use. The skin cooling will also work if already set in this status. When the handle piece shots laser pulses, the system will enter to.

When you press Stand By button on the bottom-right of the LCD, the system will enter the. In this status, the pump and fans will stop. The skin cooling will also stop. This means the system protections take action.

You need to check if anything goes wrong with the system or environment. The error code is as follows. Please check if the room temperature is >35°C.

The room would better be with air conditioner. Or it may cause cooling problem for the laser.

If this ERROR happens, you need to move it to a room. The water flow for the handle piece is not enough. Check if you bend the tube too much, or the water connection of the handle piece is not well-done. Or there is not enough water in the water tank.

There is not enough water in water tank. Set the parameters (Laser Power, Pulse Width, Repetition Rate, Target Energy / RESET) and press READY button to enable the handle piece. For the typical treatment parameters, you can refer to the recommended data or experienced doctors advice. During Ready status, you can adjust the skin cooling by yourself, or you can use it at no cooling.

You may need to wait for several minutes before the skin cooling tip becomes cold. Pressure the pedal switch or the switch on the handle piece to shot the laser pulses. Keep pressing the button and the laser output will continue. Do not press & release for single pulse. You can stop the machine anytime by turn off the key in the front panel. Any sudden situations, press the Emergency Button to stop the laser, and then turn off the key. The Emergency Button is designed to shut off the laser, not shut off the VAC.

The Key is designed to shut off the VAC input. Not attached for OEM machines. Sales packaging: Export wooden cases.

You can pay 30% deposit for advance. The product will be arranged right after we receive the deposit, then we will send you a photo to confirm. If no more questions, pay off the residual balance and we will send out the product. Please take necessary protections for the operation of the machine and handle piece, and notice that following situations can not be warranted.

Operation the system without water. Power up the system without connecting the handle piece. Regular drops of the handle piece. 13 months or 6 million times. First come, first to take.

We provide life-long technical service. The water must be checked and changed every 6 months. The machine must be operated in a room with air-conditioner.

The room temperature is better. The environment temperature can not go below ZERO, or the ice may damage the water tanks and water channels. Inside the machine and the handle piece. Clear the gel on the handle piece and make sure there is no dust attached on the handle piece window. Do not bend the tube of the handle piece too hard, or this may cause flow switch ERROR.

Do not plug in & out the handle piece connectors frequently. This may cause bad connections and may cause. Water leakage or not well electrical connections. Do not shot the laser at random targets, or it may cause burning or fire. If you have this demand, please contact me as soon as possible!

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808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal MachineHR-Black p    808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal MachineHR-Black p