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Skin Tightening Skin Rejuvenation Machine IPL Laser Hair Removal System IPL RF

Skin Tightening Skin Rejuvenation Machine IPL Laser Hair Removal System IPL RF

Skin Tightening Skin Rejuvenation Machine IPL Laser Hair Removal System IPL RF   Skin Tightening Skin Rejuvenation Machine IPL Laser Hair Removal System IPL RF

Stand is NOT included in this listing. Upgated version with built in Sapphire Filters!

Wider Filter Range from 530nm, 560nm, 580nm, 640nm and 690nm. It do not need change the filters frequently like other ipl machines. The filters can be easily broken if you change them often. With Seperate RF handle with 2 tips.

An IPL Filter is a key optical element for IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) machines. These filters block the harmful UV rays and transmit the useful wavelengths from 400nm to 1200nm for applications such as photorejuvenation, hair removal, vascular and acne treatment, and skin rejuvenation. Following is an illustration between a real sapphire crystal Aluminum oxide or (Al2O3) and K9 glass (SiO2).

The left side is a real sapphire crystal and right side is K9 glass (SiO2). Let us introduce the difference between this 2 materis. The tranparence of the sapphire crystal is more than 90% so you engery is much higher than K9 when K9 only have 70% light transparence. With a real sappire crystal your machine will have 25% longer life than those with K9 glass. How to test that you got a real sappire crystal?

When touch the real sappire crytsal on skin you will feel very cold like a crystal. But with K9 glass you will not have this feeling.

So with a real sappire crystal your client will feel much more comfortable when making the treatment. Real color Touch sreen friendly interface with expert mode and simple mode. So whatever you have trained or not you can use this machine with no technical problems at all. Produced by a most famous beauty factory, quality guarrantied.

UK made lamp with more than 100,000 times shots possible. Unique controlling systemcomposed by true color screen, touchable screen, emergency, urgency and switch-key. It controls the normal operation of the whole system and the altermation between human and equipment. Unique two seperate cooling system designed to make sure long time work. Art designed outlook with patent, this machine's outlook is designed by a French artist. This machine outlook had a patent license, anyone copy this machine will be illegal. Real 1000watts power Most desktop machine in China uses 400watts power while this machine uses 1000watts real power from a well known power supply factory.

The power is a core elements of the machine, with a powerful machine you can see results quickly especially when you make the hair removal function. We have seen some small chinese factories to use 2nd hand power in the machine to reduce cost, plz don't chose these machines, otherwise the next you will get very frustrated as those cheap made power will last long.

The E-light technology, focusing on the entire derma and tissue preciselystimulate collagen growth without hurting normal epidermis. Treating scope:face-lifting and provide flexibility/wrinkles around nose/minimize sweat pores acne scar/winkles atound eyes, eye socket/winkles around/wrinkles between the brows. 7-2 Deep flecks, epidermis flecks, whiten and vascular. Release IPL and RF at the same time , For the same time.

For the light power is much less than that in IPL so under the condition of not hurting epidermis tissue, more energyis is absorbed by benign vascular and pigmented lesions and at the same time stimulate the growth of collagen promote skin elasticity. Short-wave length light kill acne bacteria, red light and high radio frequency the activity of sebaceous glands. 7-4 Removal light-colored or dark and thick extra hair. IPL does good dark hair but nearly no effect on light hairs.

Remove hair around up-lip is an example. E-light is the only system that Removes Hair of all Colors, including White and Gray on all colorsof skin Transmit energy evenly to the hair root and focus on hair theca to destroy hair from the bottom. 8.4 inch touch display. Spot size for IPL handle piece.

Wave Length(change automatically according to different functions). 0-50J/cm2(IPL) 1-50 W(RF). RF Handle X 1 with 2 differnet size tips. Do not use IPL&RF in case of pregnancy, if you have pace makers, metallic prosthesis, electrical prosthesis, acoustical prosthesis, epilepsy, phlebitis of legs, varicose vein and diabetes.

Keep this system away from children. Every time you use the device you should hold in due consideration this warnings even if some of these will be repeated more than once. The IPL&RF works with a water-cooling system and should not be stored at temperatures below -0°C otherwise the frost could damage the system. The IPL&RF complies fully with European requirements for immunity to electromagnetic interference; however, this instrument may be susceptible to electromagnetic interference from such equipment as microwave, mobile phones, electro-surgical units or other high frequency generators. If such interference occurs, please do not use the device. Unpacking the IPL&RF system and keep it in the ventilative room for one day, in order to avoid destruction by high humidity during long distant transportation. The IPL&RF system should be positioned in an area with adequate ventilation away from devices produce heat. The IPL&RF system has an optimal working temperature between 15 C30 C. Relative humidity should not be over 80%.

The working power of this device is about 1 KW. It is best that the IPL&RF unit be installed in an air-conditioned room where the relative humidity and temperature can be maintained at optimal levels. Ensure the local rated voltage and the power supply of IPL&RF system before.

Only distilled water is to be used in the cooling system. When using the system for the first time, rinse the cooling system with distilled water. Ensure that the system have the enough water before treatment to prevent over heating. Distilled water is added periodically specially when working in warmer climates and when the treatment handpiece are changed often. Make sure that the treatment head is firmly secured and the screw caps are firmly screwed into place prior to operation. Switch on and off several times for the first time to using the IPL&RF system, until the handpiece is cooling. Can not shot or contine turn on the IPL&RF system, otherwise the handpiece will be molten and crack. Remove the cooling gel from the previously treated area after 10-15 minutes. Copy the treatment parameters to the patients record sheet each treatment. Wash face with cold and clean water, avoid eat piquant food. Avoid use of irritative cosmetics for 48 hours after each treatment. Avoid sun exposure after each treatment, recommended for at least 15 days after the treatment. And use SPF 30 sun block to protection. Avoid exposure to the sunlight, sauna or irradiation of ultraviolet radiation. Pre and postoperative photographic documentation is recommended if possible. Potential complications may be encountered in IPL&RF procedures, in particular if inappropriate IPL&RF settings are used. It is very important to advise the patient that during the treatment some complications may occur.

The Xenon flash lamp produces an intense beam of light that generates heat and is precisely modulated by computers and filters. The use of the built in cooling semiconductor as well as the application of cool coupling gel diminishes discomfort during treatment. The sensation of this heat is compared to that of being flicked with a rubber band.

Any residual sensation post treatment is kept to a minimum by applying cold packs left on for 5 to 10 minutes. Some transient swelling and erythema can occur especially during photo rejuvenation. This is normally transient and can be treated with cool compresses (5 to 10 minutes) and mid-potent topical steroids such at betamethasone valerate or momethasone furoate can be applied for 1 to 2 days. Scab formation after treatment can occur particularly if (1) a greater than amount of power/ fluence has been used.

(2) For the treatment of pigmented lesions, sometimes the only way to treat pigmentation is to physically destroy the pigment containing structures. By doing so, vesicle formation and scab formation is expected. It is advised to place cool packs after treatment and to apply an antibiotic ointment over the treated area until the scab has fallen off. Hyper o Hypo - pigmentation.

Post treatment darkening of target lesions can occur. This is particularly expected for the treatment of pigmented lesions. In a few days to weeks, the scab will fall off. During the treatment, the patient should always report every sensation. The item "Skin Tightening Skin Rejuvenation Machine IPL Laser Hair Removal System IPL RF" is in sale since Thursday, March 30, 2017.

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Skin Tightening Skin Rejuvenation Machine IPL Laser Hair Removal System IPL RF   Skin Tightening Skin Rejuvenation Machine IPL Laser Hair Removal System IPL RF